Presidential Candidate Ekuru Aukot on Peace

Presidential Candidate Ekuru Aukot on Peace


My fellow Kenyans, this is my 45th year as a citizen, and a proud citizen, of this country.

However, I am worried about certain developments in our country’s history.

The disunity, the disagreements over ideas, over tribe, is seriously troubling me. Disunity is threatening the only country that we know.

Kenya is the best country. It has the best opportunities, the best people in Sub-saharan Africa and in the world. I do not know of any other country in the world that is better than Kenya.

We all have a responsibility to maintain peace.

Tuna jukumu la kuhudumisha amani, ili Kenya inawari!

Dr Ekuru Aukot
Presidential Candidate
Thirdway Alliance Party of Kenya


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